Help Fremont While Shopping at your favorite Stores

It’s easy to support Fremont while you do your everyday shopping. All you have to do is designate Fremont PTA as the organization you want funds donated to and THE STORES make donations to Fremont based on how much you spend. All you’ll need is your basic information and grocery store rewards card #.

If you register you credit # with escrip and eat out at many local restaurants THE RESTAURANTS donate to our PTA. All you have to do is register your cards and use them for your purchase.

Register Your Cards

Escrip is a company that handles community rewards for multiple businesses including Vons, Pavilions, Top Value Mart (through your grocery rewards cards) Bristol Farms, HOWS Market, Hof’s Hut, Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ.  Click on the e-scrip image to the left and set up an escrip account and enter in your reward card # and/or credit card #. Fremont’s escrip ID is 138017292.   Don’t know your Vons or Pavilions card #? Just call 1 (877) 723-3929

Go to and click on the “enroll” button. Setup a Ralphs online account and choose John C. Fremont Elementary P.T.A. (organization # 81573) for the Community Contribution Program.   Don’t know your Ralphs card #? Just call 1(800) 660-9003

If you have a Target Red Card -Visa or debit card not only do you get 5% off, you can designate Fremont to get 1% back on all your purchases.  Go to:  Target Take Charge of Education to sign up. Fremont’s ID #32316


Do you shop at Amazon?  Click through the ad above to Amazon and they will send a portion (from 4 – 8% depending on the product and how many items purchased that month – the more items the higher the percentage) to the Fremont PTA. So if you are already going to purchase items on Amazon, take the time to come to our site first.

Click on the ad above or the one that is always on the right hand column of our site!


Please clip your box tops on the dotted lines, put them in a baggie, bring them to school, and deposit them in the PTA Mailbox in the school office.  Visit for a current list of products.

Already signed up?

Don’t forget to renew! Ralphs, Vons, Pavilions and Safeway all require you to renew you commitment to our school every year around the start of the school year.

Now go ask your friends and family to sign up.

We would love for everyone to designate Fremont as their choice but really in these economic times all schools need the money and it’s important that everyone choose a school.

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