PTA, JAT, SOS … what’s with all the acronyms?

Acronyms are commonly heard around Fremont all year long. PTA (Parent Teacher Association), JAT (Jog-A-Thon) and SOS (Support our School) to name a few. Outlined below is a quick definition of each:

LBEF – (Long Beach Education Foundation) A non-profit, volunteer-driven foundation which helps with grants and other key assistance to our Long Beach Schools, raising funds through employee and community contributions. In Fremont’s case, SOS money is deposited into our own account at LBEF and it’s used to cover the cost of our Science and Technology Labs.

LBUSD – The Long Beach Unified School District.

PTA – The National, State and local Parent Teacher Association is an active group of members who raise money to advocate for, fund, build and maintain projects to benefit our children. Becoming a member does not obligate you to help, however, it does allow you to vote on important school matters!

JAT – The Jog-A-Thon is Fremont PTA’s largest school-wide fundraiser which usually takes place in the Fall. Students can earn money for Fremont by soliciting donations from friends and family (as sponsors) either per lap run or as a flat donation. Students can earn prizes for most laps run and most money raised. Fremont has raised approximately $45,000+ in the past several years with almost 100% student body participation – a high achievement for a school our size (500+ students.) All JAT monies raised fund PTA programs such as Meet the Masters (educating students in the Arts), Drama Club, Home Reading Club, Field Trips and Classroom Aides.

SOS – (Support Our School) Fremont is the proud home of two labs with credentialed teachers: Science and Technology(Computer). All grade levels receive certified Science and Technology Lab instruction each week. The labs and lab teachers’ salaries were originally funded by LBUSD but are now funded in their entirety through the support of Fremont parents, friends and community. All donations to SOS go directly to the Long Beach Education Foundation (LBEF) to execute funding the Labs. The largest SOS fundraiser is the SOS Check Drive which usually happens in the Spring. The survival of our Labs relies completely on donations and the success of the SOS committee’s fundraising abilities.

FREMONT PTA. Be a part of it.

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