Drama Club Registration

ShrekIn order to register, you need to fill out 3 forms for each child participating: registration form, consent form and the standards of behavior. Click on each form to view and download:

Hard copies of these forms will be available in the office. Kindergarten registration will be in November.

Drama Fees: include t-shirt, photo and a video
1st thru 5th – $50
Kindergarten – $40

Workshop: Drama Workshops are on Thursday 9/24/15 1:30pm – 4:00pm and Friday 9/25/15 2:30pm – 5:00pm. Those who are interested in being in the show are encouraged to attend. If your child is interested in auditioning for a lead or feature role they are required to attend. Check out the Cast Breakdown to see what roles are available.

All workshop participants must register for the workshop prior to attending. The workshop is free and drama registration is not required. Please go to the Sign Up Section of the Shrek Website to sign up or send an
email to Susan at sntanaka@msn.com and advise
which date you would prefer.

Auditions: All participants will have to audition. Your child must be registered for drama in order to audition. Auditions will be held after school 9/28/15 – 9/30/15. Once they are registered you can sign up
your child for an audition time.

Drama Fee Payment

Drama Fees

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